Aaron Germain // Mini Epic

What a great course! What a long way both bikes and bike race courses have come over the years. A ride like this really highlights how versatile and amazing a bicycle can be! This course hits it all; singletrack, road, gravel, more road, more single track, more gravel. I really enjoyed each of these sections, but I have to say that the opening single track sections were among my favorites.

How was the race itself? Tough, real hard. I set out to ride this course as hard as I could. This was the first "race" that I have done in a few years and since it was virtual it allowed for a bit more relaxed approach which I really liked. Picking your ideal day to ride, under ideal weather, and on a day that fits your schedule is a subtle but really nice perk of this type of race format.

Overall the race went well! The feeling of coming down Mt. Umunhum knowing that most of the climbing was done for the day was a relief. After that it was hard push to the parking lot where some shade and gatorade waited.