Jason Roy // Mini Epic

That was one hell of a ride! Redwoods, wildflowers, reservoirs, roads, skinks, and geese, oh my! It also might be the hardest ride I've ever done.

I ride mostly in SF and the north bay so every trail was new to me. Now that I've done it I felt like I was underbiked and that route would have been better on a mountain bike. I was expecting more "gravel" and less technical single track. The descents were almost as tiring as the climbs.

We took a couple of wrong turns that added some climbing and a couple miles to the overall route. I also misread the route thinking there was a good amount of riding on Skyline, not realizing that part was on a single track NEXT to Skyline... That section alone added about 30 minutes to how long I thought the ride would take. I was looking forward to being in my comfort zone by cranking power on a road section before I hit the dirt again just to realise it was all one long trail.

Sunny Jim is mean, mean, mean.

It was absolutely beautiful, and I'm glad I did it with my buddy Jeff. I plan to do it again next year on a different bike and with a slightly different ride plan.