Ken Emerson // Mini Epic

I started out, hoping to do the big epic, but lately Work has been so demanding that I only had energy to start the mini epic.

Got to the start later than planned, I rode solo and of the Garmin logistics map was a little confusing on turn by turn on the dirt trails. 

It seem like my front tire was under inflated for the pavement, and it was a slog past Crystal Springs Reservoir. 

Finally decided to air it up and off to the hill I went. I felt like I did a great time climbing, but look at my Strava from before I was pretty slow.

Beautiful day out and a lady in Pacifica collecting stinging nettles to add to lasagna. Got lost around the golf course when the sign said do not enter on the dirt.

Great ride plus I got a snap of Ted Bundys VW. 

I finished with a bowl of Udon.