Steven Bateman // Mini Epic

Sat apr 29.  overcast and cool.

equipment: rental cannondale topstone w/40mm tires, 1.5ltr camelback and two bottles.

Ride started off ~8am, Canada and Skyline smooth with some trails open, some closed.  Other epic mini riders encountered give hope you are not crazy and are indeed going the right way.  

Sweeny Ridge is easy to find and has a few steep sections but it is still early ride so no problem. Burned off and was clear until top.  Baquiano is a steep rutted single track and with a 50% road tire inflated for a 75%+ paved day was not rideable but at least was short.  Fortunately the organizers have provided plenty of sage to soften if you should crash.  With most things now bent, but not broken, the bomb down to the coast was pretty fun.

San Pedro climb was foggy and cool, but also no cold onshore wind.  no views today.  The single track downhill could be a very fast descent, however this rental bike had tubes and I wasn't willing to risk low tire pressure so things were a bit bumpy.

Skipping the tacos at Pillar Point let us leapfrog the other riders today and saved around 50 minutes, which was needed to stay ahead of this group.  The coastal trail is meandering, part paved, part hardpack with enough options and well-behaved walkers that you won't get stuck behind anyone for long.

Tunitas was epic and the downhill was a nice way to end a long day in the saddle.  Thanks for the ride!