Wes Fornes // Mini Epic

I set off for the mini Bay Epic on June 5. I decided to go with my Trek Boone 7 (cyclo-cross) bike. My Boone is a 1x up front with a 42-tooth cassette, and I ran 38 width IRC tires. I decided to use this ride as a training ride with the focus of nailing my nutrition goals of: 80 carbs per hour and 280 calories per hour. I started off with one bottle with Skratch inside, and I hid a USWE pack and another bottle at the Hacienda entrance for later. I set off on Mayfair at a tempo effort and hoped to push a little harder once on the Quicksilver Climb. I arrived at the Hacienda entrance having finished my original bottle and picked up the other at the base of the Quicksilver climb, and set off again. I would pick up my USWE pack after the Umunhum. The Quicksilver/Umunhum climb itself was at a steady 85% effort, and I kept that same effort up Umunhum. Once a top Umunhum, I took my phone out for a quick pic, and then "thought" I put it back in my back pocket ... but it actually fell on the ground, unbeknownst to me because I had music blasting in my ears. So, I set off on the downhill and realized a mile down the road that I had no phone. I shrugged it off and set back up the climb to retrieve my phone and decided then to just dial it back on my effort for the rest of the ride. I made it back to Hacienda (Quicksilver) and put on my USWE 2 liter pack and headed off for Calero. I kept it at a 75% effort all the way back to the end.

All in all, this was a great workout for me. A special thanks to Dave Cohen for organizing this event, and it was a great motivator. This was GREAT course, and I had a blast.