Laura Brigham // Mini Epic

The mini epic was a 10/10! I'd gotten bored of riding my mtb on those trails and felt that being a bit underbiked with my gravel bike would help increase my adrenaline and therefore the fun factor. It 100% did.

I went to bed on Friday night with no plans for my Saturday shenanigans and woke up to the thought that I'd try the mini epic. Why not? It was 9:50am when I started, and the only thing I had on the calendar was dinner with friends at 6pm so it was #meanttobe

My low point on the ride was Sunny Jim...that section of trail is brutal regardless of how many miles you've already ridden.

My high points were all the amazing flow sections on the ridge as well as the bomber decent from Black Mountain down to Mt Eden. The deep focus that you fall into while ripping down singletrack on narrow tires is unparalleled.

Major shout out to Dave for putting this route together! It was a highlight linking those trails together and added to my appreciation for all who came before and preserved the land up there! What a treasure!