Charles Dilworth // Mini Epic

Started Canada at 92.  Ride up to Sneath is probably faster on the road but Sawyer is a lot more pleasant- hopefully it will open soon.

San Bruno climb is great (Bacquiano).  There are ruts on the descent through the switchbacks are theyre pretty tough on a gravel bike, but below that its really fun.

Climb up Old San Pedro is great – (Ive never seen paved single track before!) and descent is awesome.

I got confused by some of the turns on side streets and bike paths along the ocean, so I elected to just bite the bullet and stay on 1 to Lobitos.

The climb up Lobitos creek Is tough but really nice – because its very pretty open country.  Tunitas is fine – very long but the surface is awesome.  Star Hill/ Swett is kind of tough in parts.

Some of the trails along Skyline (Sierra Morena eg) are still pretty beat up with debris including some downed tree.  They should be better in a week or two – lots of crews out working!

I was planning on going a little longer down to Page Mill, but I was running out of time so I headed for 84. The climb and especially the descent into Sky Londa is super cool, but at Sky Londa I found out  84 was closed, so I had to climb back up to Kings Mountain which was ok:  that climb is tough if theres a lot of traffic, which I did not have on a Wednesday, happily. The descent down Kings was awesome – more great pavement.  Haven't ridden it in years and I had an absolute blast! (And its on the Mini course of course).

Sorry I missed the southern stuff – I wasted a bunch of time with several mechanical and wrong turns, but Im planning to go back and ride all that later in the month.