Dartanian Kaufman // Mini Epic

I started my ride at Rancho Canada del Oro at 9am and saw a few others getting ready to roll out. I began the ride under cool overcast skies that burned off to a pleasantly warm day by 11:30am. Early in the ride a mini (baby) black squirrel crossed my path and I saw a bunch of red ants on the trail.

At Chisnantuck Peak trail I could hear my teammates voice from our Recon ride on April 30th say "This is the flowy part, so let's flow!". By mile 21 on the dirt climb up Um Trail my legs felt the burn. I saw a bunch of baby lizards curling along the trail to run out of the way of my tires. I might have seen a quail in the brush but I'm uncertain. There are many beautiful colorful flowers in bloom along the trail such as the red Jupiter Thistle and a big yellow bush with flowers that look like snapdragons(name?) I also saw and heard chirping particularly on the summit of the famous Umunhum (hummingbirds in Ohlone language). The view from the top was mostly clear with a layer of smog.

On some of my dirt descents I encountered mountainbikers climbing up the trails. On the last part of the ride through the open singletrack in Calero I had a women who run with the wolves moment. The last road climb toward Uvas was a little daunting as cars sped past me on the shoulder. I also encountered the carcass of a dead deer with fuzzy antlers.

The ride was awesome and although I didn't set any speed records, I gave a great effort and I performed well and enjoyed my time on the mountain. No mechanicals from my rad Specialized Diverge that I've been riding as a supported team rider for RAR Radical Adventure Riders Gravel Team, a team that uplifts and supports trans, non-binary, and women riders in the Gravel Discipline.

Thanks for putting together this race!