Chris Fraser // Mini Epic

The ride was great! I had all intentions of starting right at 6, but that didn't happen. Oh well, i made the kids breakfast then headed out. Lower parking lot was almost full when i got there at 8:30, but the upper lot was empty so that was nice. Trail conditions were nice. The climb up mayfair ranch trail is a good warm up and descending Chisnatuk is super fun and flowy! Started to warm up by the time i reached quicksilver but not too bad. I think it only got up to about 73. Felt super slow on the grind up to mt umunum, probably should have eaten a bigger breakfast! Descent down mt umunum road/hicks is super fun and fast! Saw a really cool snake on lisa killough trail! First one ive seen this year. Almost ran over the little guy haha. I really enjoyed the ride, it was a good challenge for me. Most rides i do are around 20-30 miles but ive been trying to up my mileage and elevation. Bike performed flawlessly, no issues(niner rlt rdo).