Update: The end of May coincides with Memorial Day weekend and the parks will likely be very crowded. In the spirit of social distancing, riders will have until June 13th to complete their ride and submit their ride reports. Registration & winner announcement dates remain unchanged.

The Rules

  • Registration will remain open through May 31st.

  • You will choose a course during registration, but will be permitted to ride a different course than the one you originally signed up for if you have a change of heart.

  • You may choose to ride more than one course across multiple days.

  • You get one attempt per course.

  • You can choose any day up to June 13th to ride your chosen course. If possible, consider riding on a week day when the trails will be less crowded.

  • Your ride must be completed solo* and unsupported.

  • You are permitted to leave the course to find food, water, or shops that are available to everyone else who will be participating in the race. If you choose to leave the course at any point, you must re-enter at the same spot that you left.

  • This is not a closed course. There will be traffic, hikers, and other riders. Racers are expected to obey all posted speed limits and be courteous to other trail users.

  • Face coverings are required in the parks when you can't maintain 6 feet of distancing. Many of these trails are narrow - wear a mask, bandanna or gaiter you can pull over your mouth and nose as needed.

  • If you start the race in the dark, you must have front and rear lights on your bike. Even if you are not starting in the dark, lights are highly recommended for the road sections of the course.

  • The course is not marked, be prepared to navigate your chosen course yourself.

  • Be prepared for mechanicals. You'll never be too far from civilization, but you'll want to be able to repair your bike or fix flats yourself given the unsupported nature of the race.

  • Helmets are required at all times.

  • Your ride must be posted to Strava or Ride with GPS.

  • Winners will be selected based on total elapsed time, not moving time.

  • Leaderboards for KOM segments will include racers across all course options (for example, the Umunhum Rd segment will aggregate times from all 3 courses).

  • In order to quality for KOM leaderboards, rides must be submitted on Strava to ensure segment consistency.

  • The organizer carries no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for injury to riders sustained during the race. This includes damage to bikes and equipment. Riders are responsible for their well-being during the race and for making adequate preparations.

  • This is a hard race - plan accordingly.

* Yes, solo. The parks have COVID restrictions with which his event will need to comply and, while it's technically possible to ride with another person and still be compliant, we want to ensure that all participants are able to compete on an equal footing. Riding with another person may provide an advantage whether assistance with food/water, fixing mechanicals, or just the mental edge of having a friend with you while you suffer. We're asking everyone to complete this event solo to ensure we're all equally disadvantaged.

Upon Completion

On or before June 13th, riders are to submit the following via email to EpicGravelRaces@gmail.com:

  1. Link to your route on Strava or Ride with GPS.

  2. Selfies from the specified locations for your course.

  3. Written ride report which will be posted to this website along with any additional photos you want to include.

All of the above are required for leaderboard qualification. By submitting photos you grant Bay Area Epic & Epic Gravel Races the rights to use and display your photo including on event websites, galleries, donation/fundraisers, and social media.

Winners will be announced by June 15.